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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 10, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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"all you insuran companies are... "you know, all you do you take my money. "and then, when i have an accident there's a problem." jack walker, tionwide insurance nationwide does offer what's calle "accident forgivens" and it means that if you dhave an acci get "accidenrgiveness" and your rates stay the same. my name isackie walker and i am on your side. . tonight at 10:00, a horrific found inside this house a. 20year -old man mauled
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to death by at least one dog. more trouble for metro. this time a worker killed on the tracks. tonight his wife tells fox 5 he had concerns about safety. the heat is on. record setting temperatures for some of you but the cool down may come with a price. we begin tonight with more on that vicious attack that left one man dead. thanks for joining s, everyone. i'm brian bolter. i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. neighbors say the chaos and confusion began when the 20- year-old victim tried to break up a fight between the dogs in his own home and ened up the target of the rage instead. but what really happened in this quite loudoun county community? fox 5's stacey cohan just got back and is live in the newsroom with our top story tonight. >> reporter: police made the gruesome discovery shortly after 2:00 p.m. that was after a family member called concerned they couldn't reach the 20-year-old manual. when officers arrived -- man. when officers arrived, they found the young man and a small dog dead inside the home, both apparently killed by two pit bulls. it's the first of what will
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likely become a monument of remembrance in front of this suburban leesburg home. just a few hours earlier leesburg police found a 20-year- old man inside apparently mauled by two dogs owned by the family. his friends believe he was trying to separate the animals when they attacked. >> providing to break up a fight between two of the pit bulls and got in between them and then unfortunately one ever the comings -- one of the dogs ended up getting on top of him and attacked him. there was nothing he could do. >> reporter: animal control took custody of the two pit bulls. another small dog was found dead inside the home and neighbors took the family cocker spaniel who was found inside this cage. it is a close community where most knew the victim and his family. >> he was a very outgoing, funny person, you know. a skater. >> he just got out -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: as word spread, grief grew into aggression and at least one person had to be subdued by police in front of
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the family home. >> relatives are arriving. i think they're just emotion of the realization that this occurred is very upsetting to the people. they're just reacting to that. >> it shows you how special life really is. you know, i bet you woke up this morning just a normal morning, didn't think anything special was going to happen and then something like this happens. it's just too insane. >> it's devastating, it really is. >> reporter: police have decided not to release the victim's name tonight. grief counselors and local pastor have now arrived in that neighborhood to help calm several of the friends that are still struggling to accept what's happened. >> stacey cohan live in the newsroom tonight. thank you. anybodies tell fox 5 that the dogs were never a nuisance, that they were always well contained by the family. it's unclear if there had been any previous reports of dangerous behavior from the animals. is it hot enough for you? parts of the d.c. rn saw record- breaking temperatures today. kids kept school by snashing in the -- splashing in the
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fountain at silver spring. lightning spotted flashing in the sky over southwest d.c. earlier tonight. can we expect a cooldown any time soon? gary mcgrady tracking the summer scorcher in the weather center tonight. >> no doubt, brian, some of this summertime heat has been driving some summertime thunderstorms. we'll get to those in justt a r. t firsof all to terfipesemur atg eidf otemperatures out erth atthi at this hour, still relatively warm. it's a little cooler back to the northwest simply because they've had some showers and thunderstorms. there's some moving through the district right now. high temperatures at all three major airports pretty high. it was a record breaker at dulles at 97. 1 oke the old record by degree. now we go over 1 to max hd rada this is some fairly substantial tuunderstorm activy. ally oving through right now. a little bit was to althe northwest and just within e r hor so this is raler the district. ht the ctstri. t' go bicteg toloud. a lot of tnliinghg in this stuff, too. and very, very heavy rain. we'll show you this more and talk about the forecast. a little bit of cooling coming
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our way too. >> see you in a bit. fox 5 is helping you stay cool this summer. you can go to for heat relief tips. a list of extended pool hours. don't forget those pets. they need to stay cool, too. more trouble on the tracks for metro after an employee died in an accident. 63-year-old michael mash was hit by a piece of equipment last night. he wasn't even supposed to be working. we have new information from the man's wife about his concerns over safety. roby chavez now with the latest on this one. >> reporter: sarah, it was a heart wrenching scene tonight as the wife of the worker killed showed up at metro headquarters she did not know. cleo nash was not listed as an emergency contact because she only recently returned to the area to reunite with her husband. she found out about his death from others. metro has ordered a safety standdown. all routine maintenance work has been stoppeuntil all workers are retrained. the deadly accident happened
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here near the vienna metro station. a veteran track repairman was killed on the job along the above ground stretch of the orange line. tonight 63-year-old michael nash's wife is demanding answers. cleo nash said her husband wasn't supposed to be at work but decided to work overtime. his wife said, quote, "he loved his job and worked constantly and was a hard worker. he was working overtime sunday and went to work early. he was supposed to start at 10:00 p.m. the accident happened at 9:50. i am saddened and devastated." metro says the accident is still in the beginning stages of the investigation. the general manager explaine that nash was hit by a machine that rides the rails. he was working with a crew of 10 to 15 people. as a result metro has ordered a safety stand down forcing employees to stop work and go through mandatory retraining. all the alarms and equipment apparently worked properly sunday night. >> it's the type of operation that you cannot be distracted, even for a small period of
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time. and that's one of the areas that we want to look at, was there something that distracted our employee. >> reporter: nash worked as a repairman for the last 21 years. his wife said following the june 22 accident, he had safety concerns about working on the track. she became concerned when he did not answer the phone this morning. metro saysash's wife was not listed as next of kin. late this afternoon she received word from a relative in jamaica. his wife said, quote, we talked about safety often in the last two weeks. he was concerned about working on the tracks but loved his work. i was waiting for him at the hospital and had been calling his cell phone. i never thought it was this. sunday night's accident comes as metro suffers from heightened security concerns since the june 22 red line collision. sh is the sixth metro worker killed on the job since 2005. >> the system is safe. they're unrelated but still from a metro standpoint, it is an issue for us. we lost an employee last night. the first time in this type of
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work in over 35 years. >> reporter: again metro says personnel records did not indicate nash was married. a spokesman said official notification was given to a relative in canada. nash's wife had not been home because she was tending to an ailing mother in the hospital. the tough time for this family and the entire metro family, sarah. >> certainly is. thank you. meanwhile metro says the train that nearly overshot a station in march and hit another train was fixed immediately after that incident. the train was on the orange line coming into the potomac station when its operator realized it wasn't going to stop so he hit the emergency brake. when the train stopped, it was only 500 feet from another train. but metro says that incident was blamed on a component on the train and it was not related to the deadly june accident. but that cop point is still -- component is still part of the automatic control system. aaa pushing for big changes on the bay bridge. it was a year ago today that a tractor-trailer plunged off the bridge killing the driver.
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a woman in an oncoming car slammed into that semi. tripping a doesn't believe the way traffic is separated right now is safe. it says 70% of fatal accidents on the bridge happen during twoway traffic so they're looking for better barriers out there. the transportation authority is adopting suggestions made by a review panel shortly after the crash. tonight a fairfax county woman is working with police to help her find -- them and her find her two attackers. one held her down while the other sexually assaulted her. ithappened near braddock road in loudoun county friday night. >> reporter: brian, investigators have classified it as a stranger on stranger crime, something that rarely happens in loudoun county. right now the victim is helping police with sketches to put both men behind bars. quiet, isolated and remote. this stretch of gum springs road was the scene of a vicious crime in broad daylight. >> she was actually in the area
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checking on a relative's home. they were not ho at the time so she went to an area where she felt comfortable and obviously, you know, she got into a situation where she was attacked and sexually assaulteds. assaulted. >> reporter: police say the 32- year-old woman went in and out of consciousness during the attack. no weapons were used, only strength and force. investigators believe she had no expectation of danger because she was in an area she knew. but she didn't know her attackers. the victim did not have a cell phone. after the attack she was able to drive herself to reston hospital. then she called police. investigators aren't releasing a description of the suspect at the time. they're asking for the public's help in finding these two men. >> the county as a whole, we do not see these types of crimes. just the fact that it is isolated makes it even more unusual. >> reporter: police hope to release a sketch in the next
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few days. there is a thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment. you can call loudoun county crime solvers at 703-777-1919. in the newsroom, elaine reye fox 5 news. indictments have been handed down in a brutal attack that killed a former green berets. an 18-year-old charged as an adult with murder. police say it was a random attack by a group of suspected gang members. divers make a disturbing discovery just days after a deadly mid air collision. we're all over the latest of the wreckage 60 featured water. dozens of feet dangling in the area. the rush to rescue riders on a roller coaster. how this one turned out next. the days of forking over serious cash for college textbooks could be a thing of the past. the changes coming to your
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how is this for a good day gone bad? stuck on a roller coaster dozens of feet above ground. rescue crews in northern california had to use to get th great america's invertigo coaster. one at a time they came down. the recovery mission continues for the victims of the mid air collision over the hudson in new york. rescuers found one of two remaining bodies as well as wreckage from the plane involved. jonathan hunt with the latest
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including 911 calls from the day of t crash. reporterminutes afterer a small plane and sightseeing helicopter collide above the hudson river, adrenaline fueled calls flood 911 operators. >> a helicopter just landed on the 4th and river street. >> did you see anybody injured? >> they're probably totally injured. >> i saw something explode and something fall after that so i would hurry. >> reporter: next, a massive recovery effort which continues as crews search the wreckage site for aircraft parts and victims. the crash killing nine, three relatives from pennsylvania plus five italian tourists and the pilot of their sightseeing helicopter. divers find a massive part of the mangled helicopter sunday. then on monday found the recommend significants of the small -- remnants of the small ingle-engine plane. >> the water they're looking is deep, some 50 to 60 feet deep. the currents are very strong and the visibility is extremely
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limited. >> reporter: in the aftermath politicians and aviation experts wonder if more could be done to patrol the narrow hudson corridor where skies are filled daily with aircraft. >> if the faa does not do this of its own volition, then congress will see to it in short order that mayor' mandated to do -- that they are mandated to do so good it was an enormous addition to traffic no laguardia and newark's controllers and cost money. >> reporter: federal investigators say they plan to piece together any parts of the plane and hill cochter -- helicopter they found in hopes of figuring out exactly what caused this tragedy. in new jersey, jonathan hunt, fox news. new details tonight about the gunman who killed three women then himself at a pennsylvania gym last week. george sodini was apparently questioned by police just the week before that shooting. he was taken into custody after a passenger on a bus reported seeing a man with a grenade. but police say the witness couldn't identify sodini so they let him go.
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authorities say he kept a blog planning the attack and referenced a grenade in one of his many diaries. the seventh person accused of plotting terrorist attacks to be carried out all over the world will stay behind bars for now. he was in court today after asking last week for a new attorney and a new translator. he and six others were arrested in north carolina and all seven will be held until their trial. an eighth person is still at large believed to be in pakistan. a deadly day in iraq. ten bombings have left at least people dead. one happened never mow -- near mosul the other near baghdad. all appeared to be directed at the shiite members living in those areas. they say shiites have held back on retaliating which is a good sign. the taliban appears to be gaining momentum in afghanistan. that means a change in tactics for american troops according to jeb stanley mccrystal. he calls the taliban a very
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aggressive enemy. violence is at its worse since 2003. right now more than 60,000 american troops are in afghanistan. the health care battle moving now to the web. the white house is using the internet to fire back at critics of the administration's health care overhaul plan. it launch add new website today -- launched a new website today called reality check. the point about is is to clear up confusion about the president's plan. he told a crowd in mexico he's hopeful congress will pass it. >> how are you going to keep my employer from stopping offering insurance and forcing me on to the public option if that's cheaper for their bottom line? >> and a heated health care town hall meeting in towson tonight. it was hosted by maryland senator ben cardin. democrats are holding the town halls on their summer break to push their health care reform plan. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, we'll have much more from inside that meeting. a fox 5 consumer alert. forget going to the car lot and
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books comes as -- [ inaudible ] local residents are testing an experimental vaccine. what it means for families right here. plus, tossing out the trash turned into a rescue effort. this dog left for dead in a dumpster. don't miss her story of survival next. the best way to go from d- list to a-list, show up with a 19-year-old on your arm. keep it right here. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be back in three. o!
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but we can't predictour shippin dallas. detroit. differt rates. well with us, it's the same flat te. same ft te. boonboisis same flat rate. abama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal servic if it fitsit ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. dude's good. de's real good. dudes. priori mail flat rate boxes only from the postal serce. simpler way to ship. a disturbing case of animal cruelty in the district. a dog left for dead in a dumpster in southeast. a woman tossing her trash noticed the pup alive but badly injured. investigators say an apparent victim of dogfighting. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: three days after being rescued from the dumpster, trooper as she's now being called is still a little
10:25 pm
bit cautious standing silent with her tail between her legs. >> she's probably one ever the worst i've ever seen. >> reporter: bitten about the head and neck, stitches now holding her face together. >> she was in a lot of pain. we immediately started her on iv fluids to help support her and got her some pain medication. >> reporter: last friday afternoon a woman disposing of some bargain first saw the pup inside this dumpster on 9th street southeast. lee roy robinson went to see if he could help. >> he was in a bag at first. he came out the bag and stuck his head out the door like he was trying to get out of the trash can door but he couldn't get out. >> reporter: there were no yell:s, no cries for help. >> sure enough exactly what this he were describing is what i found. >> reporter: eve reduce arele with the -- eve russell with the humane society happened to be nearby. one look told her this dog needed help fast. >> it was the most disturbing thing i've seen. she was covered in flies. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe anyone would do that. >> reporter: officer russell
10:26 pm
thinks whoever threw the dog in the dumpster may have thought she was already dead stuffed inside a black plastic trash bag. >> that's why we named her trooper. >> reporter: she wanted it get out? >> she wanted to get out. >> reporter: she's hoping to find the people responsible for disposing of the dog like a piece of trash. she's posted reward flyers in the neighborhood where it happened. a thousand bucks in return for a name. the veterinarians at friendship animal hospital thk trooper will pull through. she's now eating and showing signs of improving health. as for dogfighting officer eve russell says it's decreased considerably in recent years but it still goes on in alleys and garages. the people behind it hard to cash. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. nightmare on the tarmac. a plane full of passengers forced to stay on board for hours just wait until you hear what they had to go through. plus, volunteers in maryland testing an experimental vaccine that could impact you. also, strange new twists in
10:27 pm
the death of michael jackson. the pa ternlts of one of his -- the paternity of one of his sons in question tonight. plus s a major movie in the works? lots of heat today. as a matter of fact, record setting heat. we now have thunderstorms to talk about if you're east of the city. no doubt you're hearing it out there. lots of lightning, lots of thunder and lots of rain. we'll show you those storms, where they're headed. will we get more and how about the heat? it's all coming up in your complete forecast. stay with us. 
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dr. scholl's back pain relief orthotics with shockguardtechnoly give you immediate relief that lasts all day long. dr. scholl's. pain relief a step away. a big day in the fight against swien flu. -- swine flu. tetsing has begun. the h1n1 jack seen has to be -- vaccine has to be ready in just
10:31 pm
months. >> reporter: he has weighed in and had his blood pressure checked. he's a college sophomore but on this day he's a volunteer. >> not really a fan of shops but it's just one little -- one quick prick. i'll be okay. >> reporter: he's getting a shot of an enactive version of the h1 virus. that's swine flu. >> i just thought it was an interesting opportunity, you know. i've never done something like this before and the swine flu seems to be grabbing the country. >> reporter: the university of maryland school of medicines one of nine sites around the country where researchers are working to test different versions of a swine flu vaccine. the university of maryland study is designed to find out three things. how many doses of the vaccine a person needs, how big should those doses be and how fast does it work. its research that has to be done quickly in order to prepare for what could be a serious outbreak of swine flu
10:32 pm
this fall and winter. >> we've brought on our full staff to conduct these studies whereas if we're taking our time, we don't need the full complement. we're conducting multiple different studies at the same time but right now this is almost all that we're doing. >> reporter: the volunteers are giving an orientation. >> any time you're getting injected with an experimental vaccine, you want to make sure you have all the information you can but, yeah, they answer all our questions, gave us a really thorough nsent form to look at. >> reporter: volunteers receive multiple shots over several weeks. they will also be compensated 600. devon says he's helping people and walking away with some extra cash for college. >> put it in the bank and hopefully put it towards tuition. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> so far the tetsing has been on -- testing has been on adults. if all goes well children will be tested next. they still need volunteers.
10:33 pm
for more information go to click on local nws. children are more likely to get swine flu than any other age group, but new research shows some medicines used to treat children just aren't worth the risk. public health experts in the u. crjts found antiviral treatments do nothing to prevent the most serious colications of the virus in kids. and tamiflu, the drug prescribed to most patients has side effects that make it unsuitable for treating a mild form of the flu. >> it's important to recognize the antivirals that they don't actually reduce the complications. when you've got a child with mild illness, what you would normally do is conservative measures. you try to keep the fever down. some people might use wet sponges and you keep an eye on your child. >> tamiflu's maker says the side effects could actof the fl not the drug. a new study finds one in five teens share their prescription drugs with
10:34 pm
friends. researchers from north carolina state university interviewed hundreds of 12 to 17-year-olds. they found 20% of teenagers share their drugs and a third of those don't tell the doctor. they worry it could lead to potentially dangerous drug interaction. his concert tickets sold out in a matter of hours. now his final performance could be coming to a theater near you. a judge's ruling means a multimillion dollar movie deal is in the works. meanwhile more questions about the paternity of the jackson children. fox 5's jill dobson has the story. >> reporter: 50 sold out concerts that never came to be after michael jackson's death but it looks like fans will still get to see the late king of pop perform after all. a california judge giving the green light to a major motion picture deal. the parties involve columbia pictures and concert promoter aeg live. the report is $60 million deal is expected to generate tens of
10:35 pm
millions for the singer's estate and could help with jackson's debt. the movie will reportedly show jackson's concert rehearsals in the days leading up to his death on june 25. michael's mother katherine was apparently allowed to review the movie contract prior to the judge's ruling. a judge recently rewardeher temporary custody of her son's three children. in london a british tabloid paper reporting that the godfather of michael jackson's kids says he is paris's biological father. he says paris looks much like his daughter harriet. the los angeles county coroner's office announcing it will not release information on what killed michael jackson in cooperation with the lapd it will wait until police are finished probing jackson's death. in new york, jill dobson, fox news. the memorial to the king of pop aren't over yet. in fact the event billed as a global farewell is slated to take place for a merformer emperor's palace in vienna. the pala cewill be the backdrop where artists from all over the
10:36 pm
world will perform some of michael jackson's greatest hits. the artists haven't even been named his brother jermaine recently said jackson considered vienna special because he loved castles. who is not ready for a little bit of relief. the cooldown will come at a price. gary's pouring over the models coming up. imagine being trapped on the tarmac after landing. hear from the passengers who were forced to spend the night stuck in their plane next. plus, will she or won't she? rumors swarming over idol's whackiest judge. tonight her fellow members weigh in. ♪ for just ne dollars, you n t them shoes from names like dakinow and starter.
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um i gotta go. (announcer) 28 delicio flavorst around 1 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. talk about a passenger horror story here. imagine being stuck on a tiny plane, no food, toilets overflowing, babies crying for nine hours. that's what happened to 47 people trapped on the tarmac friday night. their continental express jet was supposed to fly from
10:40 pm
houston to minneapolis but it was diverted. no one was allowed to get off either. they had to wait for a new crew to be flown in. >> we were on the runway. it was no longer a weather thing. it was how do we take care of these people for the next six, eight and ten hours and that was not a weather issue. that was a logistic issue about getting us off the plane into some place where we could breathe and eat and be comfortable. >> you're so exhausted so you dose off but you can't sleep because babies are crying and the smells are getting worse. so it's hard to sleep. you're almost just numb like what's going to happen next. >> continental issued a statement apologizing to the passengers calling the incident completely unacceptable and saying it was offering customers a fuel ticket refund and a certificate good for future travel. passengers finally made it to their destination on saturday.
10:41 pm
one-time d-lister kathy griffin may have figured out how to get attention. showing up with a 19-yard on -- 19-year-old on your home. the issue has fired people up across this country. maryland's first town hall meeting on health care. hundreds of protesters turned out. the discussion as you might guess turned into a shouting match. is your romance on the rocks? might be time to deactivate your facebook page. why some experts think it's causing relationship trouble at 11:00. after today's scorcher, let's hope a little bit of relief coming in the next day or two. gary mcgrady with your five-day forecast on the other side. 
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then there were three. it's the american idol shocker. paula abdul calling it quits and just about everyone has an opinion on the subject.
10:45 pm
her fellow judges are weighing in speaking out for the first time since abdul dropped the bombshell last week. we have more. >> reporter: when it comes to american idol, no detail is too trivial to make news. but when one of the original judges leaves the show, it's a shock for everyone involved. >> me and ryan and simon and her started this jowrnl any together. so -- journey together so really shocked and really sad and just couldn't believe that she's not here. we love her. i'm sure she's going to be great wherever she decide -- whatever she decides to do. >> she's taking the decision in her life now. you have to respect her making the decision. i didn't want to get involved in what was going on because it wasn't my business. i spoke to her a lot through the who process. >> reporter: no matter how things may seem when the cameras are rolling, behind the scenes this is a tight knit group. >> i'll probably see her next week. i'm going to listen to what she wants to do next. i will support her in anything she wants to do next. i think she's tv gold general
10:46 pm
winly. >> she seems to be doing just fine. it's one of those things that as an outsider looking in, you hate to see it get to that situation where somebody feels like they've got to go and do something else but we're there for her. i spoke to her a couple of days ago. you know, i think she's doing pretty good. i think it was a really -- it's a tough time as you can imagine but i think she's doing pretty good. yeah. >> season nine preps continue with the judges traveling to boston this week. but simon says the show won't be the same without her. >> i always thought she was the heart of the show. i'm not the heart. neither the brain actually but she was the heart. so you take that away so it's a different show. you have to respect her. she's going to get a million offers to doother things. and she'll make the right decisions. i'm sad. >> reporter: in hollywood, fox
10:47 pm
news. >> feel like writing a memorial for paula. she's still alive. hang in there. he's the father of sarah palin's grandchild and now he's stepping out with the stars. levi johnson was on the arm of kathleen griffin. they joked about being a couple and griffin said she just had to find a real teen to bring to the awards. those two were on the red carpet but lots of other big names hit the stage when the show began. that was the jone fast brothers rocking it out for a while -- jonas brothers rocking it out for a while. the other big winners twilight taking home 11th surf boards, that's the award. >> i'm excited. it's good to be to believe have the support and be able to -- [ indiscernible ] i'm excited about everything. i've seen so many girls rocking
10:48 pm
in my clothing line. i love that. it's really great. >> even mike tyson was at the awards. he took his kids to the show. you can get in on some of the rock sr action, too. fox cks is back. if you have the band, hit up our website. go to the entertainment page and upload your original song. let our viewers vote. the top six bands get to perform live at arlington's clarendon grill. if you win that contest, you'll play on the fox 5 morning news and get a three-minute video made. there are rules. the week site has all the details we have our own rock star in tonight in for sue palka. >> he just walked through the door. dave feldman just came in. there he is. >> hey, what a steamy one out there. my gosh. >> the good thing is it's going to be a little cooler tomorrow so we're not talking about a heat index tomorrow that's going to be 100 plus. believe it or not at oceancity today for a time a good two or three hours the heat index was up to 110 degrees.
10:49 pm
we're looking back down south from our tower cam into the city. the thunderstorms have passed by now so we're not going to see any lightning there but we had plenty of it earlier. we start off on max hd radar to give you an idea of where these storms are. nothing severe and they've been moving through. they got just to the west of the city and they really blossomed so they've come right on through. annapolis, you no dot know it's raining hard there now with a lot of lightning and a lot of thunder. it's a very tropical air mass. when you have a very tropic air mass, you get a lot of lightning. therefore you'll get a lot of thunder and we're getting a lot of cloud to ground lightning strikes. those are the very bright ones and the very loud ones, too just keep that in the back ever your mind. we're -- of your mind. we're clearing out now. just a little shower passing along 66 but for the most part we're dry and we'll be that way overnight. 97 the high for national today. 97 for dulles too. that broke a record of 96
10:50 pm
degrees there. bwi marshall only up to about 94. it's 80s now. cooler for frederick. lower 80s here. we're still muggy and mild at 86 degrees. showers and thunderstorms to the northwest of us. there's a frontal system out there and a weak disturbance coming on through. some of that energy is just clipping us late tonight. so these thunderstorms died out for a time and right when they got to the city they blossomed and they're moving on off towards the bay now. there is more activity back to the west and the northwest but i suspect and the forecast calls for this to weaken and mostly stay to the north of us. so it looks like we stay dry overnight tonight. mild, too, with clouds left over. 77 in the city. a little cooler out in the suburbs. tomorrow the front gets closer to us. we'll have more clouds in here and by tomorrow afternoon after 3:00 we'll have some showers and thunderstorms spiraling up right along that frontal
10:51 pm
system. we'll have to watch them quite closely too because there will be enough instility for a time tomrow that it looks like we're going to have the threat of some severe weather. most of that threat will stay off to the east of us. it looks like the majority of the instability tomorrow is going to be east of i-95 and up towards the northeast for jersey and new york and eastern sections of pennsylvania. but we'll keep a very, very close eye on that. because with a little bit of sunshine tomorrow, these dynamics could change and change in a hurry bringing that severe risk more to the west right across the metro area. so again we'll just keep that in mind as we waf the forecast tomorrow and -- as we watch the forecast tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. very mild and muggy. 82 at 8:00 a.m. with mostly cloudy skies. the same for noon. temperature by noon right up to 90 degrees. then i think we'll level off with temperatures upper 80s and lower 90s. by 4:00 there will at least be a chance of a few thunderstorms
10:52 pm
around here. this of -- some of those could be strong for sure tomorrow afternoon and evening. we cool down into e 8 also after tomorrow -- into the 80s after tomorrow wednesday, thursday and friday back to normal. >> i don't know what normal is anymore. >> we like what normal was a couple of weeks ago when it was in the low 80s. >> thank you, gary. it sure was hot out today but the skins suited up and hit the field. >> they're gearing up for preseason. dave feldman is here now with more on that. >> reporter: thank you. jim zorn says his team is more banged up than he would like but there was some good news today. quarterback carlos rogers who has been nursing a sore calf was back in pads monday morning for the first time since the second day of camp. so was randy thomas who has been hampered by a sore knee. they returned to a sweltering
10:53 pm
day in ashburn. dave ross got up early and checked in on the 8:30 a.m. practice where it was already pretty hot. >> reporter: it was a hot one today in ashburn, virginia but no rest for the redskins. a morning practice in full pads and the heat just makes it harder. >> it's going to be like a hundred today. good for us. it helps us, you know, because we -- you know, fortunately we don't have to go on the turf. did you walk across the turf today? >> reporter: a few guys got a break from the heat kind of. wide receiver santana moss and devon thomas did not practice once again. both are nursing hamstring injuries but that didn't stop them from working out the cimpgs albeit -- kinks albeit gingerly. thomas is in a battle for the number two spot and putting in more work at practice might get the job done. >> it's frustrating not being able to be out there with the guys. got to do everything i can to get back. >> i'm not reallyconcerned,
10:54 pm
man. i know i can do it. when i get out there, i'll show it. i'll keep working hard so i can get it right and when it's time it's time. >> reporter: the skins will spend even more time tomorrow in the heat with both a morning and afternoon practice on tap. while it will be another scorcher, for some of the skins from the deep south, it's just another day in the sun. >> those days where it got too hot and we couldn't practice. the that's down south. this up here is nothing. >> we're from mississippi. this is really an april day in mississippi here. it isn't too hot. i was born and raised in t. heat doesn't bother me. but it's hot out here today. a lot of humidity. i'm in the d.c. air drinking a lot of water today. >> fred smoot with a helpful tip. dave ross mentioned moss and thomas both are questionable for thursday's preseason opener against the ravens at m&t bank
10:55 pm
stadm. the redskin are really banged up. well eab back live -- we'll be back live at ashburn for the fox 5 newsat 5:00. the economy has dominated the political landscape for months but now another heated issue is getting attention in virginia. plus, a speek peek at the -- sneak peek at the future of banking. incredible new technology that is changing the way you handle money. a pretty school story. you'll want to catch it on the news edge coming up next. ! happy days are here again. oh! celebrate summer withiant and enjoy uthwatering fruits and vegetables at prices you can hand, like strberries -- 31-pound cartons for just $5.00. this weeonly at ant. what's better than steak the grill? k,stea chicken, ribs, and burgers on the grill st what's better than steak the grill? at giant, you' find fresh, delicious quality meats ps that sizzle, like super-g boneschicke breast just $1.79 a pound. this week only at git.
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a group of friends out on the water didn't plan on doing any fishing. that us was before a five and a half foot shark jumped right into their boat. we have more on the unexpected adventure from florida. >> reporter: a beautiful day out on the water taking a dramatic turn for mike powers and his friends on board the 21- foot boat saturday when a bull shark decides to pay them an
10:59 pm
unannounced visit. >> one minute it was in the air. the next minute in the boat beating everything in god's creation. hit one of the cre members on its way by. hit patricia. then it went between paul's legs and my legs in the back row scattering for cover trying to get up on the deck and anywhere we could to be safe. >> reporter: the five and a half foot shark injured itself as everyone on board coontsdz believe what was happening. patricia was in the front thinking the fish was a purpose when it landed by her feet. >> little did i know when i finally got up and was like i'm okay and i looked around. he's like it's a shark. i was like -- it was just -- it all happened so quick. >> oh, my god, i didn't want to turn around. i heard the noise going on. when i stumbled and got up and looked, she was okay. in fact, she was almost on top of that console. >> we waited for it to calm down after a half hour, bleeding all over the deck. we tail roped her and tied to lift her out with a pole and a net we used


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